Fair funding according to the Albany Common Council is $12.5 million from the state. It is the amount that has been requested year after year.

“The infrastructure we maintain in terms of streets and roads, public safety services, police and fire, all benefit state government,” said Richard Conti, Albany Common Council president Pro Tempore.

With the request still up in the air, the common council passed a resolution Thursday night asking the state to permanently provide the $12.5 million annually to the city.

“Recognition that as a capital city we have additional financial responsibilities to state government, and it’s important state government recognizes that,” Conti said.

The money is needed to close the gap in the 2019 city budget. City lawmakers say with several state owned properties that are tax exempt in the city, the request is far from a handout.

“When you look at the tax exempt properties the state owns in the city of Albany, we’re not really being compensated for being home to state government,” said Owusu Anane, Albany Common Council member.

Budget discussions are underway across the street at the state capitol. With the budget due at the end of next month, city lawmakers will continue to make their case for this request to be permanent.