According to Kinimo Ngoran's legal team, a federal judge granted Ngoran temporary status through at least this weekend, which prevents him from being deported this weekend.

Local leaders spoke out today on behalf of a chef at Albany's Capital City Rescue Mission who was detained by ICE.

The wife of 38-year-old Kinimo Ngoran joined Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, Congressman Paul Tonko and others for a press conference Friday.

“Rather than focusing on criminals and terrorists, we have been ripping apart families," said Tonko.

Lisa Pepper says she last saw her husband when he was detained more than a week ago, after ICE rejected a stay of removal.

“I miss him. We said goodbye in the morning Wednesday," said Pepper-Ngoran. "I'm still waiting to say goodnight."

Ngoran was able to get his petition for a marriage visa approved Thursday, according to Sheriff Apple.

Apple says Ngoran was doing everything right, working, and paying taxes. Ngoran's attorneys says they've filed a petition to get the case before a judge.

“They should let him go, he's not a flight risk. He's got deep ties to this community, there are lots of eyeballs on this case," said Sarah Rogerson, a law professor on Ngoran's legal team. 

Mayor Sheehan is calling the situation an example of why Albany should become a sanctuary city.

ICE has not responded to Spectrum News' calls for comment on the case.

Kinimo's legal team will attend a legal hearing on Monday in Rochester.

They are hoping for an extension on the temporary stay, or that Kinimo is released.