Amsterdam firefighter and paramedic Jimmy Myers says every call is different, and Friday’s 911 call certainly was.

When the dog known as “Beast” became stranded inside an icy canal lock, Meyers was on a team of eight firefighters who responded to the distressed animal.

“When we arrived on scene, we noticed the dog had been there a couple of days. It was walking around on the ice and it was lucky it didn't fall through," Myers said.

The dog went missing from his home less than a mile from the canal, where he was spotted by someone who called the fire department. Myers did not hesitate, tossing his ladder over the edge of the canal, and climbing down 25 feet to rescue the pup.

“We grabbed a 28 foot ladder. I got a hold of him and carried him up," Meyers said.

He was safely returned to one happy owner.

“They were crying. Just saving the dog, that’s what makes the job worth it," Myers said.