Born and raised in Gloversville, Vincent DeSantis, always had ideas on how to make the city better. He has seen a lot as city judge for 20 years before becoming the councilman-at-large.

"It's really a privilege for me to be in the position now to be able to implement some of that," DeSantis said.

He will now be able to make those decisions as mayor. During Thursday's organizational meeting, the Common Council unanimously appointed him mayor, following the resignation of Dayton King.

As mayor, DeSantis says he's focused on bringing a creative class to the city.

"Gloversville is one of those unique places that has a tremendously historic downtown that has not been spoiled by urban renewal," DeSantis said.

He says the city is in a position to invest, especially since more than $3 million in grants have been award. He will be pushing forward these efforts with Steven Smith, who was appointed councilman-at-large unanimously.

"It's gratifying to me to have him ascend to that seat, and it's also gratifying for me to back him up in this capacity," Smith said.

DeSantis will serve all of this year. A special mayoral election will be held this November and the elected candidate will then serve out the remaining two years of King's term.

When asked if he will run DeSantis says he is not ready to say.

"I would like to get my feet wet and get into a routine and we'll see how it goes," DeSantis said.