A vigil in Troy sent a message of acceptance and inclusion to undocumented immigrants in the community.

Residents gathered with candles and signs of support outside a fundraiser for Mayor Patrick Madden after the Troy City Council tabled a resolution to become a sanctuary city last week.

The resolution would mean law enforcement would not ask for immigration status or report low level offenders to ICE.

Madden says that's already the police of the department while critics say it’s against federal laws.

Advocates at Monday night's vigil say showing support for undocumented immigrants will make the entire community safer.

"We continue to follow the practice of not asking for the paperwork of immigrants in our community, and that we ensure that we maintain a good relationship. This is about public safety. When folks know that they can report crimes to local law enforcement, it reduces crime. That's what this is about,” said David Bissember, (D) Troy City Council.

While the city weighs the options of becoming a sanctuary city, the county of Rensselaer overall continues to work with ICE and participate in a program to train sheriff's deputies with immigration enforcement.