A bomb threat and a school shooting threat at two Niskayuna schools — in a matter of a days — is causing concerned parents to look for answers.

"She actually texted me and said, ‘I thought I was going to die today,’" said Todd Sardella.

He says his daughter is still shaken by Monday's five and half hour lockdown at Niskayuna High School.

Sardella says the initial announcement over the P.A. system offered little information, causing a lot of fear.

"She's texting me and my son, her younger brother, saying 'I love you,'" Sardella said. "She's scared. That has a profound effect on us."

Sardella was one of the parents attending a forum Wednesday night in response to the lockdown.

Many wanted to know why it took so long. Some were also concerned about the condition the students were in. 

"No food, no water, no bathrooms, sitting in the dark for five hours," said parent Keith Nautel.

Niskayuna Police say the room-by-room search took a long time because of the size of the school.

With about 80 classrooms, 1,400 students, and 70,000 square feet to cover, police say it was crucial to be thorough.

"I have to ensure that every one of those students are safe, does not have a weapon on them that can become our perpetrator or our suspect, and until I'm confident of that, no kid is getting out of here," said Michael Stevens, Niskayuna deputy police chief.

The school says the lockdown was ordered after a note with two threats was discovered. One warned of shooting up the school and the other targeted a student by name.

And just hours before Wednesday's forum, a bomb threat was found at Van Antwerp Middle School.

"There will be some different procedures around access to the bathrooms and some of the areas where some of these of events seem to be starting," said Cosimo Tangorra, Niskayuna Central School District superintendent.

In the meantime, parents like Sardella want to see the school take more active actions while police continue to investigate the threats.

"This is a fantastic school district and I don't want my child to be nervous or scared to come to school," Sardella said.