The weather has shifted, bringing with it more chills and finger-numbing winds. Thanks to CAP COM, 300 children in Troy have new winter coats to stay warm.

The credit union's foundation visited local schools, handing out jackets to children in need.

The children are between 6 weeks and 5 years old, and part of the Commission on Economic Opportunity's Early Head Start Program. The program has been held by CAP COM for several years, to ensure families are ready for the colder months.

"I was outside on Sunday and it felt bitter cold. It happened so suddenly and all I could think of was, I can't wait to hand out those coats this week," said Paige Rueckert, community and youth advocate at CAP COM Federal Credit Union.

Rueckert was not the only one excited to offer a lending hand. 

"Clothing children, especially growing children is a large expense, especially for families who might be feeling the crunch of economic pressure and so this is something we're able to give to them," said Morgan Storms, director of Early Childhood Services at the Commission on Economic Opportunity.

All of the coats were purchased in partnership with B. Lodge and Company in Albany.