Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins is defending his department's investigation into August’s officer-involved shooting.

"This incident should not fracture this community," said Hawkins.

He made those comments during the common council public safety committee meeting Tuesday night. 

“The investigation, from my experience, was procedurally sound,” Hawkins said.

Police called that shooting justified after detective James Olsen shot 19-year-old Ellazar Williams in the rear left shoulder. They say Williams had just rearmed himself with a large blade when Olsen fired his weapon. 

But Center for Law and Justice Executive Director Dr. Alice Green says the video of the incident continues to raise questions. She says much of the information police have released has not been corroborated. 

Since Williams is facing charges, his attorney has advised him not to speak with police. So Green says the investigation is based off only the detective's account.

“I do not suggest in any way that his testimony is purposely untruthful," Green said. "But it simply could not be corroborated.”

Green and Hawkins also took questions from the common council and heard from the public during the two-hour meeting. 

Many that spoke out during public comment saw the video differently and were critical of the way police handled the investigation. 

But Hawkins hopes to use this as a way to build community relationships. 

He says there has been a lot of progress, and hopes that can continue. 

“I heard you very clearly," Hawkins said. "It’s important we continue to see both sides."