GLENVILLE, N.Y. -- Seventeen cats were brought to the Animal Protective Foundation in Glenville on Tuesday morning by a Good Samaritan after being found abandoned on the side of the road in Schenectady.

“This just happens to be somebody walking around in their neighborhood and saw them on the side of the road,” said shelter director Amy Duskiewicz.

According to Duskiewicz, 14 of the cats were discovered crammed in a large Tupperware bin. The other three were in separate cat carriers. 

“People have brought in animals in unique carriers and bins, and usually there are air holes provided at least," Duskiewicz said. "But this one was sealed tight completely.”

Since taking in the cats, Duskiewicz says they have been given exams and treatments. Despite the traumatic experience, she says the cats are doing OK.

“They all had fleas and ear mites, they were all covered in urine and feces," Duskiewicz said. "But generally speaking, pretty decent body condition.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, four of the cats have been marked ready for adoption. The foundation hopes to have the rest moved up within the next week and a half.

They are also is working with the SPCA to look into where these cats came from.

Anyone who would like to help or adopt one of the cats can visit the facility at 53 Maple Avenue or visit this website for more information.