ROTTERDAM, N.Y. -- New information comes after concerns were raised about the condition of a cemetery in Rotterdam.

Overgrown grass and weeds, some of which were several feet tall, were found at Fisher Cemetery, several headstones were completely covered.

A Facebook message was posted Monday on a Rotterdam Neighborhood Group by a woman whose mother is buried at the cemetery.

The post has drawn hundreds of comments.

She took it upon herself to clean her mother’s burial site, mowing rows of grass, and Tuesday we saw more people stepping in clean the cemetery.

Greg Britten, saw the Facebook post Monday night, and volunteered to mow the back section of the cemetery.

“I knew it was overgrown, but when you get into the back area over there it’s a little worse for wear. But a little bit of tending to, we can get it cleaned up nice,” Britten said.

According to Rotterdam's Public Works Department, it is not the town's responsibility for the cemetery upkeep.

They say they have not received any funding requests from the Fisher's Cemetery Association.

The association says it does not have the funds to maintain it.