ALBANY, N.Y. -- Nick Grimm says his brother Ellazar Williams is in good spirits after being shot by an Albany police detective two weeks ago on Elks Street.

According to Grimm, his brother is in rehab and doing physical therapy right now. Even though he is paralyzed from the waist down, Grimm says Williams is determined to walk again.

"We just stay positive," Grimm said. "We don't really want him thinking on the situation. He's just blessed to be alive."

On Tuesday night, Grimm was one of many at a rally for his brother at Malcolm X Community Park.

It was organized by several local organizations demanding police release more information on the shooting. That includes the 911 call from that day and all the videos related to the incident.

"We believe there's more to the story than has been released," said Marquinn Jennings, of Justice or Else. "We want it."

"I had a conversation with the brother and it didn't line up to what was reported," said Derek Johnson, an Albany Common Councilmember. 

Police say two shots were fired at Williams on August 20, after three detectives responded to a large fight in the West Hill neighborhood. They say Williams ran away and detectives pursued because he matched the description of a man with a gun. 

A police report states those shots were fired after Williams displayed a knife, ignored commands to drop it and moved toward police. 

"They say they found a knife on scene, who's to say that was his?" Grimm said.

Family and friends claim Williams was shot in the back.

Police haven't said where he was hit or how many times. According to police, they are still going through the evidence but the investigation should wrap up soon. ​

"I appreciate the support from the community, the public," Grimm said. "I just hope justice gets served."

This comes as the city awaits a new police chief. Eric Hawkins is set to take over the department on Wednesday. He will officially be sworn in as police chief on Friday.