It's not every day you're lucky enough to find money — but one local man is increasing the odds. 

Each day in August, Leo Quinn is hiding a $20 bill around the greater Capital Region, and posting a clue of where you can find it on Facebook. You might remember him: he did this for nearly a year back in 2014 after being inspired by two men in Boston.

"I enjoy making people happy. It's not a lot of money, but it makes me happy to do it, it makes the finder happy. It makes the Facebook friends of the finder happy — most of them. It's sort of a nice ripple effect," said Quinn. 

Sunday's lucky winner, Emil Onzo, struck gold at the Spa City Farmers’ Market in Saratoga. 

"Oh it's great, I'm going to pump it back into the famers’ market somewhere along the line, but yeah it's great," said Onzo.

The money is usually hidden at/or near a business to help promote small business shopping. Anyone who wants to play along can find clues each day on the Facebook page Find a Twenty.