DELMAR, N.Y. -- A pharmacy in Delmar is getting involved with trying to keep people from getting their hands on unused or unwanted drugs.

The Four Corners Pharmacy along with Bethlehem Police introduced a new drug take back box Tuesday.

The box is located inside the pharmacy and is a safe place to dispose of extra prescriptions, with no questions asked.

It was funded with help from a state grant.

Police say the goal is to safely take drugs off the streets, while also protecting everyone from possible

“The people that have extra prescriptions in their houses are basically a potential crime of opportunity for somebody. They could be breaking in to steal jewelry or electronics and all of a sudden come across the pills,” said Bethlehem Police Department Commander Adam Hornick

Hornick also says if you can’t get to a drop off site, the next best thing is to mix prescriptions with cat litter before throwing them away.  And, you also never want to flush any drugs down the toilet, because the DEC says trace amounts can get into the water supply.