New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood is suing President Donald Trump, his family and his foundation.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday against the president and his three children, who are members of the board of directors of the foundation.

The suit alleges that Trump used the charity's assets to promote Trump businesses and to pay off legal bills, and that the foundation illegally provided support to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign at his behest.

The attorney general is suing to dissolve the foundation and is seeking $2.8 million in restitution.

“It’s not at all unprecedented for a nonprofit corporation, for a charitable foundation, to be held to account for these violations," Underwood said. "There's no reason why a foundation owned and operated by a sitting president should be exempt from the laws that we routinely apply to other foundations."

Trump responded on Twitter moments after the news.


Underwood's predecessor, Eric Schneiderman, began investigating the foundation in 2016 following Washington Post reports that its spending personally benefited the presidential candidate. 

The Trump campaign, at the time, said the foundation intended to cooperate with the investigation.