GLENS FALLS, N.Y. — On Sunday, the scene at Rob and Debs Frozen Dreams Soft Ice Cream in Glens Falls was quiet, and quite frankly, dead.

“This has been crazy sleet, snow, you never know what’s going to come and the wind, it definitely affects business," said co-owner Deb Lafontaine.

Lafontaine and her husband Rob have owned Frozen Dreams for 15 years.

They say the shop, nestled in Glens Falls on Dix Avenue, typically looks and sounds much different this time of year.

“Lines out to the road, lots of activity, lots of staff, lots of movement, lots of fun, it’s definitely a quiet Sunday," said Lafontaine.

And just a mile away, in downtown Glens Falls, it was more of the same.

“Incredible. Never seen anything like it before from the south so it’s really a sight to see," said Nicholas Wurst, an employee at Grasshopper Gardens, a local landscaping company.

Mid-April usually means lawn mowing season for Wurst’s employer, Grasshopper Gardens.

But Sunday morning, those bags of salt we all hoped were out of the picture, were out again. 

“Salting the grounds, making sure no one slips before they go into Mass," said Wurst.

As families took their time walking into St. Mary’s Church for Sunday service, employees at Rob and Debs, did their best to keep busy.

“There’s always catchup work to do. We make our own brownies, our own waffle cones," said Lafontaine.

It was a mid-April day in the North Country, with nothing mid-April about it.

“The weather is what it is and we just have to deal with it and hope for better weather," said Rob Lafontaine.