The Lake George School District is moving forward with eliminating the junior-senior high school's vice principal position and establishing a new administrator of K to 12 curriculum, instruction and student support services.

The board voted to remove Vice Principal Cody Conley at the end of the school year. Parents and students spoke out against the decision during Tuesday night's board meeting.

Superintendent Lynne Rutnik says it was a tough move to make, but that it will ultimately benefit the entire district. Some parents accused Rutnick of improperly pushing the staffing change.

"No principal from the elementary school or the high school or any staff professionals were asked for input for this decision, and it was made behind closed doors," said parent Katie Bruening.

"Change is hard. Change can be messy. But if you're doing change for the right reasons ... and in this case, the board and I believe absolutely that this change is needed to support and advance the teaching and learning at Lake George Central School District," Rutnik said.

Bruening says the group Lake George United for Education learned of the decision in January, and after tonight's vote, it's not ruling out a lawsuit to hold the district accountable.