The man who killed a Glens Falls woman and her 4-year-old daughter last August will spend the next 44 years to life in prison.

A Warren County Court judge sentenced 21-year-old Bryan Redden Thursday.

Redden pleaded guilty in January to murdering Crystal Riley and her 4-year-old daughter Lily Frasier in their South Street Apartment.

Riley's mother and stepfather spoke in court before the sentence was delivered. Often struggling to fight back tears, family members of Riley and her young daughter shared old stories and spoke of the enthusiastic and good natured way the two lived their short lives. 

"Crystal and Lilly, so beautiful, so kind, thoughtless and loving," said Linda Monroe, Riley's mother.

“I can never forget the horrific image of the last time I saw them, how they lay brutally murdered inside their home."

Redden also spoke in court Thursday, telling the judge he's sorry and asking for forgiveness.

Prosecutors say Redden was high on drugs and alcohol at the time, but the motive is still unknown.

"I can’t make sense of what is senseless, and that is what we have here," said Warren County District Attorney Jason Carusone. "It is literally a senseless act that has devastated a family and taken a mother’s and child’s lives."