ITHACA, N.Y. -- Several couples renewed their vows at a McDonald's in Ithaca Tuesday. 

Couples would go through the drive-thru and let them know they wanted to renew their vows. They then drove to the next window where newly-ordained DJ Chris Allinger made it possible. 

This is the first time the McDonald's in Ithaca hosted an event like this. The general manager hopes the couples walked away with a new sense of love. 

"We have couples come in all of the time," said Andrea Hook, the McDonald's general manager. "We have a couple that comes in just about everyday and they sit our booths and just snuggly with each other. They have lunch and we want to create that atmosphere here. It's a family atmosphere, so why not bring your family."

Participating couples were also entered to win a free one-night stay at Hotel Ithaca.