One week after it derailed, a Saratoga and North Creek Railway locomotive remains stuck on the tracks in Johnsburg. As Matt Hunter reports, residents have concerns ranging from its impact on the environment to local safety.

JOHNSBURG, N.Y. – After the engine was left running for nearly a week, a train that derailed in the North Country has been turned off, but the locomotive remains stuck.

According to Saratoga and North Creek Railway General Manager Justin Gonyo, the locomotive was being used to clear ice and snow off the tracks last Tuesday when it derailed near the crossing of Route 28 in Johnsburg. Unlike standard vehicles, Gonyo says the engines use water instead of anti-freeze to keep from overheating, which means they need to be left running in the winter to prevent freezing.

Several residents in the area complained about the smell of diesel fumes, but Gonyo says the engine was shut off Tuesday morning and will eventually be towed back to North Creek once its wheels are back on the tracks.

"We are going to be calling in a contractor to lift up the locomotive and get it back on its wheels," Gonyo said. "We have attempted everything we can in-house to try and correct this issue, but we need to bring in some people with some bigger equipment than what we have available."

Gonyo says the diesel fuel emissions were in compliance with federal regulations.