SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- Carol DeLaMarter has lived in the Stockade neighborhood for 16 years. The neighborhood association president is one of many keeping a close eye on the Mohawk River.

"Whenever we have a lot of rain and there's ice on the river, there is some concern that the ice will break up," DeLaMarter said.

With temperatures in the 60s and heavy rain Friday, many worry the large chunks of ice could get jammed on the river, causing flooding.

"Our concern is never completely alleviated until the weather has passed and the water level starts to go back down," said Schenectady Deputy Fire Chief David Orr.

He says at 3:25 Friday afternoon, the National Weather Service reported the Mohawk River was at 209 feet above sea level. It's expected to just touch the action stage at 216.

"Our flood stage is 220, so we're still four feet shy of that," Orr said.

But Orr says the city fire department, police department and county emergency management will continue to monitor the river this weekend. He say they'll be ready in case anything changes.

"Between all those different agencies, we just monitor the levels and make sure that we don't have any incidents, or the situation doesn't change without us knowing about it," Orr said.