DELMAR, N.Y. -- A headstone dating back to 1850 has created controversy on local Facebook pages. 

Nicole Crowe found the gravestone, cut in three pieces, when she was making renovations to her Delmar home. When put together, you can read the words "James, son of Robert and Ruth Matthews."

Crowe says she has contacted local historical societies, and it's believed James isn't actually buried on the property. The stone was surrounded by others like it, but they were not engraved.

"Considering these stones were lined up in a perfect rectangle, I think it was somebody else much later that was just trying to line a flower bed," said Crowe.

Because no one wants it, she put it up for sale on several Facebook groups.

"I've had a lot of people tell me I'm disgusting and that I'm disrespectful, that I'm going to be haunted," Crowe said.

She says many of the people contacting her don't think she has done her homework and that there's more to the story. Crowe says that isn't true, and that she is more than willing to donate the stone.

"I'm not trying to make money off of these stones," Crowe said. "I would love to give them to someone who could use them, but no one seemed to want them, so that's why they have been in the back of my garage for almost two years."