Lawmakers and education advocates are doing their part to make sure education spending is a priority this budget season. 

Nearly 100 state lawmakers have signed onto a letter urging Governor Andrew Cuomo spend an extra $4.3 billion in education aid in this year's budget.

They say the move would satisfy a long-running claim from advocates New York is short changing poor school districts. Cuomo has insisted the schools are being fully funded, but the lawmakers disagree. 

“I think the fact that 92 members of the legislature sign a letter to him pointing out that we do have to keep that commitment shows that many of us have a different view. I understand the difficulties that any executive would have in balancing a very large budget like New York's, but we have to live up to our commitment to education, to children,” said Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, D-Queens.

Cuomo's budget calls for an additional $960 million in school aid spending, though that number is almost always increased during the budget negotiations by lawmakers.