When dogs and cats get seized from neglectful owners, the local animals shelters are there to care for the animals, but when it's horses and livestock there usually isn't place for them to go. Barry Wygel visited a farm near Amsterdam that is working to make sure no horse goes without a home.

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. -- Many have a morning ritual -- it might be a cup of coffee or reading the paper -- but for Nina Bellinger, it's getting a hug and kiss from her horses.

"In our old days when I was young, it was a horse goes to a glue factory. Good healthy horses are going to slaughter, and slaughter for a horse is not humane," said Nina Bellinger.

For the past 10 years, Easy Street Horse Rescue has taken in horses from police seizures and owners who can no longer handle the workload, keeping them out of the slaughterhouses, and living the life they deserve. 

"Its the passion for horses. And the people that volunteer. It's the passion for horses. It's not easy," said Bellinger. 

The horses come to Nina and Paul sometimes famished, sometimes injured, but always needing a good home. And Easy Street won't be a final destination. Nina works to find loving homes for each and every horse that comes her way.

"Every horse is used to getting hugged and kissed every day. And we love them, but to have your own person. And horses like jobs, so they can have a career. That's important," said Bellinger.

There is currently a capacity for 10 horses, but hopefully a fundraising project can lead to capacity for many more.

"If we had an indoor, I know we could attract a trainer to train them free. Oh my gosh, we could do so many horses," said Bellinger.

Easy Street relies on the donations and volunteers in the community to keep the mission going, and with winter coming, donations become an ever-more important commodity. And who knows, a volunteer day or a donation could even turn into you making a lifelong friend. 

To donate or to adopt a horse, please visit the Easy Street Facebook page or their website.