CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. -- Do you know CPR? It's a skill that could help save someone's life one day.

The Clifton Park and Halfmoon Emergency Corps were at the Fourth of July Celebration at the Clifton Park Commons Monday to try to teach more people the life-saving technique.

It only takes about five minutes to teach the basic technique and the emergency crews were aiming to train at least 300 people. They were also promoting a new app, Pulse Point, which was just released in Saratoga County.

"If you download it and have CPR skills it will notify you if someone goes into cardiac arrest within a quarter mile of your location in a public location. It will also tell you where the AED is. So you can potentially be there before first responders and bridge that gap of survival in cardiac arrest,” said Leah Ferrone, Clifton Park and Halfmoon Emergency Corps Director of Community Development.

For every minute someone in cardiac arrest does not receive CPR, their chance of survival falls by ten percent and it usually takes EMS six or seven minutes to respond to an emergency call.