Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration has vehemently defended the SAFE Act, a controversial package of gun control laws, and on Sunday continued to do so after an attack on a night club in Orlando killed at least 50 people.

Rich Azzopardi linked to an article about the AR-15 style weapons used in other mass shootings. “Paid a price in the polls, but was the right thing to do.”

The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, is believed to have used an AR-15-style weapon when carrying out the attack.

Still, there is some debate over the extent to which the SAFE Act bans such weapons.

Opponents of the measure argue the ban can be avoided with simple changes to the weapon, pointing out that removing the pistol grip on some AR-15 models and it becomes legal under the law.

Proponents of the measure point other facets such as a second hand grip or a muzzle shroud make it easier to fire the weapon and thus more deadly.

Cuomo has in the wake of mass shootings, as well as the death of administration Carey Gabay from a stray bullet, pushed for a crack down on illegal weapons traveling into New York.

In December, Cuomo called for the closing of the “terror gap” -- a bill in Congress that would block those on the federal terrorism watch list from purchasing firearms. Gun-rights advocates say the watch list is flawed and could inadvertently include law-abiding people.