DELMAR, N.Y. -- A man and his child are safe after two good Samaritans pulled them from a burning car.

Bethlehem police say Timothy Berry, 48, of Albany, was driving on the Delmar Bypass around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, when he had a medical emergency and lost control of his car. They say he drove off the road, and the car flipped and caught on fire.

Two people driving in the car behind pulled over and rescued Berry and his child. Ludwik Branach and Wieslaw Szczutowski, both from Brooklyn, were able to break the windows of the car and pull the victims to safety.

First responders say the quick actions of those two people at the scene made all the difference in the story.

"I believe our first units were there within a minute but in that time, as the two people were pulled from the fire it had already started to go into the interior of the vehicle so within a minute it could have gotten a lot worse," said Bethlehem Police Department Sergeant Frank Muller.

Branach suffered a minor injury from breaking the glass and was treated at the scene. Berry was transported to Albany Medical Center for evaluation.

The child in the car was not hurt.