Young students already thinking about future careers in nanotechnology and STEM fields showcased their work in Malta on Wednesday.

The fall exhibition highlights the work of more than 300 students enrolled in the Early College High School Program at Hudson Valley Community College's Tec Smart campus in Luther Forest. This is the first year the program has featured a full class of freshmen.

Projects ranged from designing info graphics to studying storm-water management systems and creating a marketing plan for products built with nanotechnology. While some are undecided, the hands-on work has many already thinking about careers in engineering and nanotechnology.

"I'm interested in the engineering field just because of all of the projects we have been doing," Saratoga Springs High School senior Grant Marshall said. "It's all based around an engineering mindset."

"The project-based environment is better for me personally because I enjoy doing stuff like this," Galway High School junior Jacob Thompson said. "I learn better."

Now in its fifth year, the program allows juniors and seniors to be on campus full time, earning college credits while working toward their high school diploma. Freshmen and sophomores meet at the campus monthly and for five days over the summer.