Shaker Pointe at Carondelet, a retirement community in Colonie goes above and beyond to be environmentally friendly. It's received one of the greenest certifications in the world. Jon Dougherty reports in this week's Capital Region Business Beat.

COLONIE, N.Y. -- Just five years ago, a large piece of land off of Delatour Road in Colonie sat empty. Today, it is one the newest retirement communities in the Capital Region; Shaker Pointe at Carondelet.

"In addition to having their own home where they can make their own choices around how they choose to live, we offer a variety of activities," said Shaker Point at Carondelet Executive Team Member Sr. Kay  Ryan.

Shaker Pointe is sponsored by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The not-for-profit independent living complex offers many amenities including dining options, library, art room, pool and fitness center, even an urgent care facility which is open to the public.

Shaker Pointe not only has a commitment to its residents, but also the environment. It has one of the highest green certifications in the country.

"Energy saving, resource material, the type of paint you use, all of those things have an impact," Sr. Ryan said.

It's a reason why Shaker Pointe's buildings are LEED certified, a global ranking of achievement in green building.

"The environment is an important issue for us and to care of the earth for future generations was critical for us," Sr. Ryan said.

Shaker Point's newest building, Spirit Tree, is scheduled to open in late Spring. It has a Platinum LEED ranking; the highest level you can achieve.

Crews putting the final touches on the building said it's a tough distinction to get.

"Monitoring the air sealing of all the duct work, the sound between apartments, the acoustic rating, air leakage, duct leakage. It's all part of the design that it's pretty exciting to be a part of," said Project Superintendent Paul Cain.

Along with the financial benefits, LEED certification also has health benefits for Shaker Pointe's more than 100 residents, and surrounding community.

"The overall goal is to provide housing to seniors with services in an environment that enhances their social, physiological, spiritual well being. That happens in a community where you're interacting with other kinds of people and have a continued social life," said Sr. Ryan.

Shaker Pointe will host author and speaker Dick Edwards, retired Mayo Clinic Eldercare Specialist Tuesday, April 28. His book, “Mom, Dad… Can We Talk?”  helps adult children open the door to conversations about their parents’ care and safety at home. There will be two sessions at noon and 6:00 p.m.

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