With gyms around the country closed indefinitely, people are trying to find unique ways to work out. So New York City trainer Dave Piccirillo and two other trainers decided to create a way for people to take fitness classes online.

It's called The Movement Platform. Piccirillo and his co-founders combed through their athletic community, choosing 12 trainers to offer 30 classes live on Zoom, seven days a week.

Piccirillo says knowing that people needed something like this while they couldn't go to the gym seemed like a good way to support everyone during the coronavirus closures.

If you're wondering how expensive the classes are, you don't have to. The Movement Platform is donation-based, only asking that, if you can, to donate to your trainer's Venmo account for the class.

"Just come and hang out with us, come and do some fitness," Piccirillo said. "It's very low stakes. You're not under a microscope; you can take it as you want. And if you can't pay, that's totally fine, just come utilize the platform and come take advantage of our services."

You can see the full schedule and the links to join the classes on Zoom on The Movement Platform's website. The site also contains information about how to Venmo the instructors if you're able.