A woman riding her horse down Cemetery Road is not a sight you see every day in Clifton Park. But then again, not everyone travels like Meredith Cherry.

"The initial idea for this ride is because I thought it was a fun way to see the country," Cherry said.

She's on a mission to visit 48 states with her horse Apollo. It's a journey that started in January 2017 in California where she is from.

So far the pair has checked off 29 states, including New York, where they have been for the last month and a half. 

"It's a much bigger state than it looks like on the map," Cherry said.

But she isn't doing this just to see the country. Cherry is riding to raise awareness on domestic violence

"It's a huge issue," Cherry said. "One in three women and one in four men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime."

She says her own personal experience led her to raise awareness on this issue. By riding with Apollo through different communities, Cherry hopes it'll spark conversations on domestic violence. 

"If no one is talking about it how is anyone who has never been in it supposed to know what to watch out for," Cherry said.

Her next state is Vermont, which she hopes to reach by the end of the week. They're currently covering about 13 miles a day. 

The goal is to finish next year in Tennessee.