Every year, the city of Troy holds an open house, showing prospective buyers foreclosed properties. Some are in better condition than others. But for Brad Lewis, many of them have potential.

Lewis has bought several foreclosed properties over the years, many in the South Troy neighborhood he grew up in.

“We just think the world of Troy. We love it and we love the people attracted to it and the creative nature of the city. And the city is known for architecture,” says Lewis.

His bid of $100 for a 4th Street building is memorable. He says the floor needed substantial work and there was a hole in the back half. He is currently working on rehabbing the home, which had previously been bought by someone else who was unable to handle the workload.

“The foundation was existing, but we had to put trusses in so they carry the weight from side to side,” says Lewis.

He says it takes time, patience and plenty of planning, but for someone with the know-how, it’s a good opportunity. Lewis, who has studied masonry, says he has relied on his skills.

At the end of the day, he’s proud of the work he’s done.

“You could tell people really appreciate it, and it helps the community by bringing up the housing stock, from a place that had two apartments that could never be used to a place where two apartments where people are dying to move into the place,” says Lewis.

Troy is holding this year’s open house on Wednesday, April 21. Bids will be accepted until April 30.

The times for each property are as follows:

9-10 a.m.

  • 638 Fourth Avenue
  • 461 Fourth Avenue
  • 31 110th Street
  • 384 Third Avenue
  • 871 River Street
  • 3230 Sixth Avenue
  • 22 Orr Street

10:30-11:30 a.m.

  • 317 Eighth Street
  • 2215 Old Sixth Avenue
  • 1437 Fifth Avenue
  • 1260 Fifth Avenue
  • 8 St. Mary’s Avenue
  • 468 Second Street
  • 472 First Street