Inside a Glenmont home are a dozen people making a difference on hundreds of lives across the world.

Melody Burns and her group of dedicated volunteers pack holiday care packages for troops — everything from coffee and snacks to clothing and cards.

"We do a very large drive for cards. We get cards from all over the U.S. that come in all year long," said Battlefield and Beyond Co-Founder Melody Burns. "We have a woman who actually sews pillows. I think she did 200 pillows for us this year."

Maurice Catel, a veteran turned volunteer for the group, related his experiences in the Marines to what he does now.

"It's a comfort to know that there's someone beside the Army taking care of you, and I mean that in a good way," Catel said, "that the folks back home haven't forgotten you."

Nearly everyone in the group has been impacted by the sacrifice of service in one way or another. They want the troops to know they are missed, and that their hard work is appreciated.

"Imagine living in a hut, you got sand fleas driving you crazy, it's 130 degrees. Then you get a box from home," Burns said. "You open it up, and there is a card with notes from people and snacks in there that you can't get over there. It's like 'wow, wait a minute.' For a minute, it takes you out of the battlefield and brings you home."

"There are some really bad days, and if this helps mitigate the feelings of a bad day, then mission accomplished," Catel added.