Whether she’s picking up some of her favorite foods or picking out a pair of warm fuzzy socks, for retired veteran Bonnie Brennan, there’s a special place she goes to get those things for free.

"That's one financial burden I don't have to worry about," Brennan said.

The Veterans Miracle Center opened its doors so that veterans like Bonnie can keep their wallets closed. That helps people like Brennan, a grandmother of nine, make ends meet.

"They give me purpose; they keep me busy," she said.

Grandchildren Andrew and Bonnie came to live with Bonnie after the death of her husband.

"I think if I had been by myself, it would have been very depressing," Brennan said.

Over the past few years, gifts donated by the center make Christmas shopping for her grandchildren something Brennan looks forward to.

"I know I'm going to be able to give them things that they want," she said.

To keep the store stocked, the VMC relies 100 percent on the goodness of others.

"That's why our Christmas plan is such a big deal," said VMC Director Melody Burns. "We ask people to donate new unwrapped toys to us."