It’s been years since we’ve seen Ballston Spa live on our air. The last time it happened, John Bowen was the head coach.

The Scotties have always been one of those teams that hovered on the line between Class AA and Class A. When they were in AA, they were usually the smallest school in terms of numbers in that classification. This year, they’re in Class A and going up against schools that are actually around the same size.

It’s been a good thing for the Scotties. They’re 4-3 overall right now and have earned the No. 3 seed. It’s been a rebuilding process at Ballston Spa, but win or lose, they have started something positive this season moving forward. Jason McCarthy and Zach Washington are doing a majority of the damage for the Scotties.

We saw Averill Park on our air a few weeks back, and I think the theme that night was how big the offensive line was. They almost looked like a college team. They were probably bigger than some college lines.

I remember saying on the sidelines that I wasn't sure if it’s translating on TV how big these guys are. Someone told me afterward that, "Oh, it translated." They have to be the biggest line in Section II.

Bruce Gumlaw and Austin Bradway were two of the new pieces to that line going into the season, and both have done a great job filling voids. Averill Park is coming off its first loss of the season to Troy. I’m sure the Warriors are going to go in a bit unhappy.

One common opponent for these two teams was Troy. Both were beaten by Troy, but if you want to make anything of final scores, those were similar for both.