Each year millions of people suffer a concussion, leaving a number of people managing lifelong symptoms.

"I was coming out of return stepped on a block, and I went head first and my head went into the wall. I blacked out and I don't remember anything that happened," said Jessica Riley, a concussion patient.

It was 1998 when Olympic hopeful speed skater Jessie Riley suffered a concussion. Like many athletes who want to return right back to the sport Jessie didn't seek treatment, it was a year later when symptoms began to surface.

"Sort of brain foggy, everything was sort of went flat," said Riley.

Over time her symptoms got worse. She became disoriented in places that had florescent lights or loud noises.

"I'm literally would order my food online so I wouldn't have to go grocery shopping. It is such an over-stimulating environment," said Riley.

All her tests, scans and MRI’s came back negative, she was diagnosed with anxiety. More problems surfaced when she suffered another concussion.This time she was referred not to a neurologist but to another specialist, a vision expert.

"At least 50 percent of people who have had concussions have some sort of visual injury," said Dr. Howard Kushner.

Dr. Kushner, who is a behavioral optometrist and says 80 percent of our sensory information is processed though our eyes and if that's not working the brain gets confused. Jessie experienced typical symptoms of a visual injury.

"A lot of times it was in a social situation, some place with loud dance music, flashing lights. I would all of a sudden be like I have to sit down I have no idea what is happening to me," said Kushner.

Kushner improves visual deficits with therapy which involves performing a variety of activities using the eyes including this computer program.

"Helps them build eye movement control, build processing of information to understanding the information coming to the eyes," said Kushner.

Jessie is currently undergoing vision therapy, she performs therapeutic activities on a daily basis, one of the activities includes a coloring book.