People spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, and many may think they don't have to worry about air pollution -- but they do.

"You're stepping on it; you're bringing it into your house, your burying it into your carpets onto your floors," said home owner David Leonardo.

Dave Leonardo speaks on something that most of us have seen in our homes, mold and mildew, which can be potentially hazardous.

"There are new tests out there all the time about mold and how harmful it is, people did not think much about it," said Leonardo.

Dave's thinking a lot about it, the quality of the air in his home. Indoor air pollution is something everyone should be aware of.

"Indoor air quality can definitely be more harmful to you than outdoor pollutants. Outdoor pollutants get to move around," said Marc Gladding, with Appolo Heating INC. "They get to dissipate based on air movement outside. Indoor it's all locked in a confined space."

Improving the air quality in your home can be done with an air conditioning unit that has a filter, which catches dust and other particulates in the air. Mold and mildew can be controlled with ultraviolet light within the unit. Also part of the system is a humidifier is helpful in the colder months.

"Humidifier adds moisture to the air so that during the winter months you don't waste wake up with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose or static electricity in your house," said Gladding.

Keep your unit maintained, over time the ducts can become dirty impacting the air quaintly.

"Particulate matter moving through the air, dust gets matted down in the duct work over a period of time and we do recommend when the ducks cleaned," Gladding said.

And you may be adding to your indoor air pollution by what you bring indoors.

"Sheet rock, rugs, cabinets all that pre-manufactured stuff gives off VOC's, volatile organic compounds we are breathing that in every day," said Gladding.

If you are considering an air filtration system be sure to have your home evaluated, it's essential to have right size unit to ensure airflow throughout the entire home.