Utica Police are investigating a shooting death on Lincoln Avenue involving an off-duty Albany police officer.

Police say units were sent to 1303 Lincoln Ave. around 5 a.m. Monday following a shots-fired call. They found a man with multiple gunshot wounds; he was taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital, where he died. Police identified the man as 35-year-old Shatelle Hooks of Syracuse, and the shooter as 34-year-old Christofer Kitto of Albany.

Police say Kitto, an off-duty Albany police officer, was at the Lincoln Avenue house when in the midst of an altercation, Hooks took out a knife and attempted to rob Kitto, who shot him.

According to police Kitto was in the room with a prostitute at the time.

"I can only speak for my officers this isn't something that you would exspect from a police officer if it is justifyable or not," said Mark Williams, Chief of Police for Utica.

Utica police say that, pending new information or evidence, the shooting "appears to be a justifiable homicide, and no charges are being filed at this time" in connection with the shooting. Kitto is, however, being charged with one count of patronizing a prostitute.

Albany police say Kitto has been placed on administrative leave.

"At this time the incident remains under investigation and we are fully cooperating with the Utica Police Department as they continue their investigation," the APD said in a statement Monday afternoon.

The APD also says it's conducting an internal investigation.