ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Tristan Lambright was wearing an orange t-shirt when he pleaded not guilty to criminal trespass, public lewdness and exposure of a person. He's accused of running naked across the turf at New Era Field, dodging security and crossing the goal line before he was tackled, led off the field and taken straight to the slammer.

Only a few thousand people were still in the stadium by the 4th quarter, as the Bills were getting throttled by the Saints, and the streaking indicent wasn't shown on the Fox broadcast. The play-by-play commentator only mentioned a commotion on the field, but video and photos of the nude run by a confident, bearded man quickly burst onto social media and sports websites.

Lambright, 29, faces up to 180 days in jail if found guilty of the two charges and one violation.

His sister, Megan, says her brother was at the game with a friend, a Saints fan, and apparently having a really great time.

"He’s a spontaneous, silly dude and and it just didn’t really surprise me terribly but I was definitely entertained and my bar crowd was entertained by it so made the night go by really well," Megan said.

“He did a really good job so – kudos to him," she said. “I was at work, had about 12 billion text messages and honestly, I laughed.”

Police won’t release Lambright until he has a verified address on file, so his brother is supposed to show up and confirm that Tristan lives with him. Bail was set at $500 cash.