SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- Finding out when the next regional tour is coming to the Capital Region is about to get easier. The Alt, is expected to launch on November 15.

"We're an alternative paper. We're filling this void I think we believe exists, not only in entertainment coverage in the area, really in depth entertainment, but also coverage of people, places and areas that are ignored," said editor David King

The alternative news weekly will offer coverage of arts, culture, politics, news and lifestyles in print and online.  It will cover Albany, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady and Troy.

"In some ways we're going to be a key to the city I think. We'll take people to places that otherwise they wouldn't be able to go," said King

The venture was developed by the Daily Gazette, Overit and Proctors. The independent publication will be free. 

"It's a cleaner, fresh approach. I think it'll be a little surprising for people. It borrows from magazines borrows a little bit from cues from the web," said Creative Director Richard Lovrich.

When it launches The Alt will be circulating 25,000 copies of the paper weekly at 400 locations across the four cities. The website will include videos, a comprehensive community and events calendar and unique interactive content.

"Local artists are going to come in to the Overit studios and play four songs and answer four questions. We expect maybe that'll get some radio air play as well but these will be up and coming artists," said King

The goal is to give local artists and the communities a voice.  

"We're looking for community involvement. We want to go to the places that are under-covered and we want those people to feel like they can reach out to us," he said

You can do that at