It may be overlooked to some that the city of Schenectady has had a huge impact on science fiction. Luckily, there's an exhibit being held at the Mabee Historical Site in Rotterdam Junction to reconnect sci-fi fans with the rich heritage of the city. Karen Tararache takes us there in this Capital Region Close Up.

ROTTERDAM JUNCTION, N. Y. -- Author Barry Longyear explained, "I got a little word in my head that said put it down and make sure it stays that way and then broom, two weeks later, I had the novel."

It came from Schenectady by Barry Longyear is a collection of stories. 

"It's a serial killer or an ax murder who killed everybody in the family but him," Longyear said.

Some are suspenseful. 

Longyear added, "And now I'm going to suck your brain dry."

Some fantastical.

"They were smoking I had to dip my fingers in water!"

And some, well, very entertaining.

Longyear explained, "There are entire chapters there I don't remember writing."

Anyway you describe them, the tales told all boil down to one thing. 

"Science fiction gives you that what if thing and that is the basis of all innovation," Longyear said.

Mabee Historical Site Curator, Mary Zawacki said, "I think that Schenectady has had such an impact on Science Fiction, is something that's really overlooked."

So to reconnect people with the rich heritage of the city, an exhibit featuring other worldly items is being held at the Mabee Historical Site.

"Doctor Octopus we think is Schenectady's most treacherous villain. He apparently grew up in this area before he began fighting Spider-Man," Zawacki said.

An authentic NASA spacesuit is on display and a replica also available for people to try on.

It all coincides with a 1950's film series being featured at Proctors.

"Fantasy contains magic that doesn't have to be explained, science fiction is magic that is explained you just have to make it believable it doesn't have to work," Longyear said.

For more information on the exhibit click here.