Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo spent a brief juant in Puerto Rico--it was his fifth visit since the storm, and a highly criticized move--considering he's visited the island far more times than certain parts of New York State--Buffalo for example--and brought along Tish James, the new york city public advocate and his hand picked candidate for attorney general. Coincidence? Campaign move?

Meanwhile The State Senate said no to those pleading for a special session, resulting in the expiration of a speed camera program around New York City schools.

And, a sentencing in the Sheldon Silver retrail today gifted the former Assembly speaker seven years behind bars--

Joining me now to talk about these topics and much more, are the intrepid members of the reporter roundtable,

Dave Lombardo of the Times Union, David Howard King of the Alt Weekly, and of course Captial Tonight's Nick Reisman.