The hustle and bustle of Saratoga is back and lots of people were out and about in the spa city Sunday afternoon.

“I mean I definitely like that it’s like more active in Saratoga,” said Saratoga resident Ava Connors. “There’s a lot more people out, which is good. And before like last summer it was just kind of, like sad, I guess there weren’t as many people as normal.”

What You Need To Know

  • The midnight outdoor dining curfew was lifted May 17

  • Indoor dining curfew ends on May 31

  • Saratoga relies on tourism, so many business are excited for the lifting of these curfews

With the state’s outdoor dining curfew for restaurants and bars a rule of the past, this is the first in a long time night owls can stay out past midnight.

“I definitely think that the curfew is a good and bad thing,” said Claudia Reilly. “I think I might be rushing into it a little bit, but I do think that it’s a step in the right direction.”

Saratoga is a city that relies on tourism.

Albany native Olivia Barringer said it’s nice to be able to travel up for the day, but now with the outdoor dining curfew lifted, she has the option to stay out as long as she wants.

“I think it’s been a long year coming,” Barringer said. “And I think that now like everyone is excited to get back out and if everyone is still following rules and still being respectful of other people, that I think it’s great, especially now that we can get a little bit back to normal.”

The 12 a.m. indoor dining curfew that’s still in place will be lifted May 31.