A Loudonville mom recently started her own business making healthy snacks. Her treats are inspired by recipes she grew up with in India. These recipes, rooted in tradition, also represent a new beginning for Nidhi Agrawal.

“I’ve been here for almost 20 years. I never thought I could do this,” Agrawal said, owner of Needi Snacks.

Agrawal, a mother of three, is seizing an opportunity.   

“I’ve never worked here so I don’t know how corporate America [operates] but I think this country is great,” Agrawal said.

Just months ago, Agrawal started the business. She prepares and packages the snacks from a shared kitchen space at Albany’s Hindu Temple and Cultural Center.

Agrawal is also a holistic nutritionist. The background shapes her brand and what consumers can expect.

“It is plant based, clean, we have all the ingredients on the front,” Agrawal said.

Her products are sold in some co-open grocery stores and online. Just as food represents more than a meal, with this business, Agrawal is out to make a statement.

“You can do anything anytime. Age doesn’t matter. You can do what you want to do,” Agrawal said.