After the holiday season, many people choose to go alcohol-free for the month of January. Health experts say “going dry”, even just for a few weeks, has health benefits year around.

A bar in Rensselaer County specializes in serving those choosing not to drink, while providing a fun atmosphere.

Unbreakable Nutrition is a “sober bar,” which means they’ve got everything except booze.

Owners Elissa Emery and Sarah Wehnau opened the bar in August.

“In this community, we have been ravaged by really addiction in general, especially the heroin epidemic. And so to have a space that all ages can come to and parents can drop their kids off and not have to worry, that is just incredible,” said Emery.

For those in long term addiction recovery, it’s a temptation-free gathering place. For teens, it’s an after-school meetup. It is a safe space for all.

“It is so much more than financially it could ever be. The friends and the camaraderie and the community that we have gotten from doing this, if I didn’t get paid another day in my life I’d be fine,” said Wehnau.

They are considering adding additional locations. In the coming days, they’ll close temporarily to renovate - some minor cosmetic changes. But the business has a strong foundation. For many regulars, this humble strip mall spot is the place safe, sober and most importantly themselves.

“To be able to say that maybe one day we made a difference for somebody is special,” said Wehnau.