Move over Yelp, a new app is aiming to shake up the restaurant recommendation industry.

The developers of “Taste” use data to provide users with suggestions based on their preferences. Taste recommends restaurants based on where you’ve dined in the past.

“We actually have over 42 different attributes that are specific to restaurants that we can actually look at,” said co-founder Kevin Vanderwarker.

The app is driven by data. The BETA is available now. Users can link a credit card or bank account. Vanderwarker acknowledges some may not have the appetite for that. When the app launches on December 1, entries can be made manually.

“If you can improve the experience for yourself, now imagine being able to improve that experience for the people you care about,” Vanderwarker said.

Users will also be able to see restaurants that their friends, or “Taste Buds,” on the app have enjoyed.

“What we’re able to do is take that information, put it all together and run it though our proprietary algorithm to then provide you recommendations that, again, are based solely on you,” said co-founder Chris Raymond.

The team, based in Troy’s Innovation Garage, is also embracing emerging ‘conversational technology’ like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

“What makes me the most excited is the fact that we are aligning ourselves with a product and technology that is going to accelerate in the next 10 years,” said Sean Austin, vice president of engineering.

Over the last 18 months, they’ve been able to raise $250,000. The team behind Taste says they’re ready to disrupt an industry ripe for change.    

“We really believe that Taste could be the big win that Troy needs and deserves, and the time is now,” Vanderwarker.