TROY, N.Y. — Improving patient safety during high-risk surgeries is the goal of Peak Neurophysiology Group, a new small business based in Troy. The company’s president and CEO hopes their clinicians can raise the standard of care in the Capital Region.

Michael Riley is the president and CEO of Peak Neuro.

“I do intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring,” said Riley.

Peak Neuro, launched in January of this year, contracts with hospitals to provide clinicians for high-risk surgeries. Clinicians monitor a patient’s nervous system and provide guidance to the surgical team.

“We will run our tests extremely frequently in order to detect any loss of motor or sensory function, alert the surgeons and then they can undo that correction and watch the signals return,” said Riley.

COO Elizabeth Meliski’s background is in post-surgery rehab. She’s seen first-hand what happens to patients when surgeries don’t go as planned.

“There are so many variables in the O.R. that you have to be ready for and I think it is imperative that somebody is adequately trained in the O.R.,” said Meliski.

It’s an industry is not regulated at the state or federal level. Riley says corporate consolidation has led to a reduction in quality. He thinks the training offered to their clinicians sets his business apart.  

“This means the person that’s actually in the room is able to intervene more quickly and more effectively,” said Riley.

Peak Neuro works two hospitals in the Binghamton area and one in Western Massachusetts. They hope to expand in the Capital Region soon. In an industry where every second counts, Riley is confident the best time to expand his business is now. 

“I thought that it was time for somebody to step up and say enough is enough, we can do better, our surgeons and our hospitals and most importantly our patients deserve better,” Riley said.

Peak Neuro is a partner of Innovate 518. The program helps connects startup companies with services to help them grow. Peak Neuro is also a UAlbany Innovation Center company. The Office for Innovation Development and Commercialization helps members increase their impact on society.