When it comes to celebrity status, they’re not what you would call "household names," unless you live in the Milewski household.

“They’re like my heroes,” said 13-year-old Patrick Milewski of Waterford.

Patrick is a super-fan of the professional wrestling faction known as "Bullet Club." And he’s not alone. Heroes Hideout in Rensselaer hosted a meet and greet with members of Bullet Club last Sunday.

Heroes Hideout opened last year and specializes in pop-culture collectibles, particularly wrestling memorabilia.

“They’ve changed the game when it comes to being entrepreneurs and wrestlers, but also like merchandise,” said owner Steve Duckett, talking about his Bullet Club guests.

The group of independent wrestlers has a massive cult following thanks, in large part, to brothers Nick and Matt Jackson, better known as The Young Bucks.

"It’s like grassroots. You shake hands. You say hi to everyone," said Nick.

They’re experts in self-promotion. They give fans a glimpse into their lives through a YouTube series, "Being the Elite."

"We don’t have an advantage over anybody else. We just have our cellphones. So we all have these tools. You just have to know how to use these things," said Matt.

Saturday, the Bucks will perform at "All In" -- an independent wrestling show they personally financed with fellow Bullet Club member Cody Rhodes -- available on pay-per-view. The more-than 10,000-seat arena in Chicago is sold out.

The event could be a springboard to mainstream stardom. But the Bucks know that kind of growth happens one fan at a time.

"We appreciate everyone that comes to these things, and we slowly have built this," Nick said.

Success in the ring, and in retail, has a lot to do with branding.

"I would like to be known to anybody in the area that I am the toy store guy, but I also want to be in the wrestling community. I want to be the toy store guy," said Duckett.

When your brand is built on risk taking and respect for fans, the Bucks believe you can't lose.

"We all bet on ourselves and that’s it. Just have the courage to know that you can do it," Matt said.