James Basile prepares like an athlete ahead of 8-to-10-hour shifts in the kitchen.

“I actually stretched for about 15 minutes before I got here this morning,” said Basile, settling into his kitchen for the day.

Each ingredient he uses is pre-measured down to the decimal and laid out on the counter.

“I have a time limit, so I really have to be on my game,” he said.

The long-time personal trainer is getting his reps in following a recipe, making multiple batches of protein bars with Fruity Pebbles, fruit loops, coconut oil, honey, and hydroslated whey isolate.

“This is the filet mignon of protein,” he said, pouring it into a mixing bowl.

Working alone out a co-op kitchen in Castleton on Hudson, Basile has a lot of weight on his shoulders, trying to get his business “The Anabolic Baker” off the ground.

Basile has built a following over the last year on Instagram. He holds bake sales inside local gyms that have opened their doors to him at no cost.

“We all want to stay health conscious and things like that. We still have a little kid in us, and it makes us happy to see some fruit loops and Fruity Pebbles sometimes,” said Basile.

His website, launched this week, is now accepting orders. Basile makes just enough to satisfy the needs of his clients. He’s cautious not to take on any more than he can handle.

“I never have enough product lying around to eat it myself,” Basile said.