A company headquartered in Europe is expanding their reach in the emerging industry of 3D printing high-performance ceramics. Lithoz is based in Vienna, Austria but now has a second location in Troy. The company’s technology is making waves in multiple industries. Terry Stackhouse reports.

TROY, N.Y. -- It is a small company with a global footprint.

Troy’s Rensselaer Tech Park is home to Lithoz America, a subsidiary of Lithoz GmbH. The company, based Vienna, Austria, specializes in high-performance ceramic 3D printing.

High-performance ceramics can be used in electrical engineering, aerospace and the medical field.

“Especially in bone replacement,” said Shawn Allan, the vice president of Lithoz America, holding a pair of bone screws made of zirconia.

Allan also called attention to a cranial implant made with a mineral that you would find in actual bone. It is a special structure that can only be produced using ceramic 3D printing.

“It is very dense on the inside and outside but very cellular and porous in the middle and it is really not possible to produce this structure other than by using an additive manufacturing method,” Allan said.

Innovate 518 helped lure the company to Troy. The program offered tax incentives and access to business advising.

“Short term we are looking to add the manufacturing component so that we’re creating additive material here in the Capital Region. Future, obviously expanding this company,” said Bob Manasier, a Lithoz advisor representing Innovate 518.

For now, Lithoz America provides demonstration studies for potential buyers of 3D printers. The technology could help companies save time and cut costs when it comes to ceramic manufacturing.

“It was really special that we picked the Capital Region to get started,” said Allan.