His workshop looks like a cross between a construction site and a teenager’s bedroom. Jon Little is the owner of Adirondack Rustic and Cosplay Creations LLC. His passion for comic books, superheroes and Star Wars inspires his work.

Jon started this business less than a year ago, leaving behind a decades-long career as a contractor. He’s proficient in “plumbing, heating, electrical,” he said.

Jon applies those trade skills to his new job. Instead of building homes and fixing toilets, he’s making time machines.

“When the fog comes out at night, it looks like it’s landing,” said Little, pointing out his Jules Verne-inspired time machine he built.

He’s also helping comic book and sci-fi fans become their favorite characters, otherwise known as “cosplay.”

He also makes rustic furniture and assembles steampunk-inspired accessories.

“Everything was gear and steam and mechanical. You had your adventurers. You had your pirates. It is a wide range of cool,” said Little, describing the style genre.

His latest project is helping a neighboring business, The Steampunk Emporium. Jon sponsors the business owned by Tina De Marsh. They design and alter hats, clothing and accessories to fit the theme. The store offers an alternative form of cosplay, growing in popularity.

From the periphery of pop-culture to mainstream, Jon is excited to help customers connect with these growing communities.